Best practices & Lessons learned

A key aim of the Directive is to promote consistency and coherence of maritime spatial plans across marine regions. This not only requires practical MSP experience within Member States and the capacity to apply best practices, but also ongoing cooperation across borders and mechanisms that facilitate the exchange of best practices.

Lessons learnt will be drawn directly from the cross-border MSP processes in the case study areas and will be pragmatic and hands-on in character. They will be formulated for future cross-border maritime spatial planning processes including the following aspects:

  • Experience gained from the two cross-border processes
  • Experience / guidance on applying ecosystem-based approach with focus on the different uses
  • Looking at how and to what extent data has been used/exchanged in/during the case study work
  • Proposed solutions & methodologies to overcome challenges identified in cross-border MSP
  • Methodologies developed for SEA
  • Case specific solutions versus generic solutions

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