The Evaluation of MSP

The project will identify the most important aspects of the MSP process that could be reviewed in the course of monitoring and evaluation

The main focus of the project will be to develop appropriate indicators and criteria that could be applied during the evaluation of the two MSP cases. These will be embedded in a concept for a suitable monitoring and evaluation process, including recommendations for appropriate timing of evaluation and governance structures.

This might include recommendations on how and when to inform a neighbouring country that a Member State’s maritime plans are being evaluated, or recommendations for aligning national evaluation processes.

The objective is to develop indicators for the two concrete pilot areas, and to elaborate them further into a possible common framework to be applied across the whole Baltic Sea Region in future MSP processes to come.


Three stages of the The Evaluation and monitoring framework

  • In the beginning of the project, a review of existing MSP evaluation frameworks and literature will produce a draft E&M framework, including potential evaluation criteria and indicators.
  • The second stage is based on close collaboration with the two cases. The suggested framework is scrutinised and further developed in project and planners’ meetings. Interaction with planners will improve relevance and feasibility (incl. cost-effectiveness) of the suggested evaluation and monitoring activities.
  • The third stage produces the final evaluation and monitoring framework that suggests suitable evaluation and monitoring process and the set of criteria and indicators for evaluation.
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