European Maritime Day

18 - 19 May 2016 in Turku, FINLAND

At the European Maritime Day the Baltic SCOPE collaboration via workshop and the exhibition stand will present the cooperation of maritime spatial planning authorities and regional organisations in the Baltic Sea area and their joint effort of addressing the cross-sectoral and cross-border maritime spatial planning issues to support the national processes and share the gained cooperation experience.

Insight into event


Delivering Blue Growth through InterVision
18 May 2016; Room LOGI3, 13.30 – 15.00 hrs.

This Blue Growth InterVision workshop is about sustainable economic strategies through cooperative learning. Participants are invited to help one of five case-holders to explore with them pathways foreword in their Blue Growth challenge.

The workshop method InterVision will be used. The workshop aims to complement the exchange of best practices in a transparent, accessible, and interactive manner. The traditional best practice exchange method involves a few learned speakers addressing an audience. Now that the Maritime Day community is much more advanced, a new method will be tested where the “audience” is the teacher and the speaker is the “student”. A known and proven Dutch methodology, called InterVision. A developed methodological tool which not only utilizes the core strengths of the traditional approach but helps focus and structure its goals, as well. InterVision enables a speaker (case holder) in gaining further insight on one’s own actions to develop and discover new approaches – based on the feedback and reflection(s) of workshop participants. The outcomes/solutions which the “case holder” sees fit for use, will then be shared with the participants, who can then in retrospect also use the exchanges for their own benefit. After quick introduction you will be able bring it into practice easily.

Our case-holders: the Malta National Agency, Netherlands’ scientific institutes, Ocean Energy Europe, the VASAB community and Cultural Heritage Netherlands will pursue your assistance and experience.

The workshop is organized by the Dutch Presidency with the support of her TRIO partner Malta.

One of the five cases will be presented by VASAB together with Baltic SCOPE project.
It will be a discussion on how to involve and motivate stakeholders in developing coherent maritime spatial plans. The discussion will be based on HELCOM-VASAB Guidelines on transboundary consultations, public participation and co-operation as well as findings of the Baltic SCOPE project so far.

Moderators of the case discussion:
Ingela Isaksson, Baltic SCOPE project manager and coordinator
Talis Linkaits, Head of VASAB Secretariat



Transboundary Maritime Spatial Planning discussions – what is it and how is it done? 

At the stand the achievements of the VASAB/Baltic SCOPE regarding the transboundary cooperation and joint actions towards coherent development of national maritime spatial plans covering whole Baltic Sea Region will be shown.

A lot has been learned during the first year of the project. We have put our current knowledge and experience gained during those cross-border discussions into digital application which will be available for testing. It will provide an insight into the interaction between sectors, areas of interest and also the challenges of the cross-border maritime spatial planning.

Thus, the macroregional approach to maritime governance will be demonstrated showing the implementation of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region via specific Horizontal Action “Spatial Planning” – unique even among macro-regional strategies.

Come and check our exhibition booth!

EMD stand scheme

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