Partner meeting – concluding

25 – 26 January 2017 in Gothenburg, SWEDEN

Last Partner meeting

Focus: Final account

Summarize all the bits and pieces for a shared common picture of the 2 years of collaboration

  • Final account
    • Check against indicators – did we meet them?
  • Reflect
  • Evaluate and scrutinize – potentials for improve
  • Future tasks both before final day 15th and beyond
  • Dissemination plans – what do my organization/country plan for?
    • Joint efforts?
    • Inspiring each other
  • Celebrate

Diving together in the maritime spatial planning processes
for two years is a lot of fun

Keywords describing experience gained and lessons learned during the two years of collaboration presented by partners

Central Baltic Case:

  • Started with a white paper
  • Lost some illusions
  • Thanks to project now less fragmented

Southwest Baltic Case:

  • Improved cooperation
  • Now understand the difficulties
  • Learned a lot!!! (also pushed some border issues…)

Maritime data:

  • First time EVER this amount of data
  • Maps + Data+ Code available online
  • Share, share, share

Communication and Dissemination:

  • Brought what you learned back home to national processes
  • Digital tool is a success
  • Know each other better


  • Together, including workshops in Southwest and Central Baltic
  • Recommendations processed and agreed

Ecosystem approach checklists: 

  • Basic start-up check
  • Built on HELCOM-VASAB guidelines
  • Made more explicit, for use

Evaluation and Monitoring:

  • Objective: foster learning
  • Also accountability
  • No one size fits all, use selective

Lessons learned:

  • Identified 6 best practices
  • Synergies and conflicts were an eye-opener
  • You become more of a family

Now spread your knowledge!

Steering group meeting


Look and make decisions regarding the current issues (reporting, finalising of the project), progress of the project and future needs.

Baltic SCOPE experience and knowledge feeding into the next phase

DG MARE/EASME announcement: call for proposals to support national MSP processes, including – in the Baltic Sea basin.
Documentation of the call is available here:

Old and new Baltic SCOPErs contributing to the next call with their experiences. Feeding in food for thoughts and needs to enhance an added value to our ongoing national MSP processes in the Baltic Sea Region.

27 January 2017


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