Partner meeting & Steering group meeting

21 - 22 June 2016 in Szczecin, POLAND

The main focus of this partner meeting was to come together to discuss the results obtained and next steps forward the producing solutions.

The key tasks were to ensure exchange between the two case studies, enable evaluation and monitoring activities as well as ensure the results of the project are filtered back to national MSP processes.

Lessons learned from the two case study areas were discussed and joint recommendations developed, for example for data exchange, mapping, SEA and monitoring and evaluation.

At the meeting progress of the case studies, exchange and country usefulness were presented. Also,  the products which are planned to be produced at the end of the project were discussed taking into account the final conference – 2nd Baltic MSP Forum which will be held on 23-24 November 2016 in Riga.

The Lessons learned and Monitoring and Evaluation framework which also are the deliverables of this project were discussed and the workshop was held to identify important outcomes that should follow from MSP collaboration and then to think how could we know if that is achieved – the point was to get ideas for relevant indicators.

To move forward the solutions and recommendations which are case specific and project conclusions were discussed in groups and sought for the joint agreement.



* The information presented and concluded during the event is the working exercise on the cross-border maritime spatial planning discussions and can not be treated as the official opinion of the European Commission and the Member States involved in the consortium of the Baltic SCOPE project.

Progress of the Central Baltic Case
Kristine Kedo, Deputy of the Case Leader

Progress of the Southwest Baltic case
Tomas Andersson, Case Leader

Progress of the Lessons Learned topic
Michael Kull, Head of team, NORDREGIO

AIS Data for the Baltic SCOPE project
Manuel Frias, HELCOM Secretariat

Progress of the Baltic SCOPE Ecosystem Approach topic
Jan Schmidtbauer Crona, Topic Leader, SWAM

Progress of the Baltic SCOPE Monitoring and Evaluation Framework topic
Riku Varjopuro, Topic Leader, SYKE




Baltic SCOPE is collaboration to achieve coherence and cross-border solutions in Baltic Maritime Spatial Plans. We aim to provide real planning solutions for trans-boundary issues and a template for dealing with similar issues elsewhere.

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